Facilities, Utilities & Critical Environments

At Tech Skills Resources we work with growing companies to find talented Facilities & Utilities workers to work on diverse projects. Our specialist recruiters source and place candidates of all levels, from engineers and technicians to managers and specialists.

The IT and Technology world is evolving which brings new career paths to Mission Critical Environments; data centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical production and power plant Industries.

Opportunities are growing within the Engineering related sectors from installation to coordination and integration aspects of electrical and mechanical systems, operations, and maintenance for critical and non-critical electrical and mechanical systems alike.

This includes opportunities for those with experience in; state of the art electrical distribution systems, static UPS, emergency standby Generation, Fuel Systems, Building Management Systems and Controls, Air handling units, Variable Frequency Drives (VSDs), Fire Alarm systems, Fire Suppression systems, Monitoring systems as well as chiller and large scale cooling systems.

Key Facilities & Utilities jobs we focus on include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Managers
  • ICT Engineers & ICT Technicians
  • BMS Engineers
  • Energy Engineers & Energy Managers
  • Environmental Engineers & Environmental Managers
  • Refrigeration Engineers & Refrigeration Technicians
  • Soft Services Technicians
  • Space Planners
  • Fit Out Specialists
  • Lighting Designers

If you are a skilled professional in any of the above or related disciplines, and are seeking an exciting new job opportunity, visit the Tech Skills Job page on cpl.ie

If you are an employer looking to hire skilled Facilities workers for critical or non-critical environments; talk to our recruiters or fill out the form and one of our specialist Facilities recruiters will get in touch.

Tech Skills Resources is part of the Cpl Group Plc, Ireland’s largest recruitment company.

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