Joanna Janiczek

Joanna Janiczek

Accounts & Payroll Manager

Accounts & Payroll Manager, Joanna joined Tech Skills in 2014 and is responsible for managing the timely and accurate payments to contractors and to general suppliers as well as all other financial information and requests as required by the CFO.

Joanna is skilled at multi-tasking and in addition to the administration and management of the accounts department, she is also responsible for delivering excellent customer service, constantly assessing processes and procedures to ensure efficiencies are maximised, interactive experiences for customers are enhanced and relationships strengthened.

Joanna holds an MSc in Engineering which allows her to quickly understand and appreciate technical issues and help with recruitment when the need demands. She is proficient in a number of languages including; Polish, English and German.

To contact Joanna please fill out the form on the right or call her on 01 6390 399.