Contract Recruitment

25 years of Contract Recruitment

We have the experience, market knowledge & the resources to provide you with the best Contract Recruitment advice and service.

Cost Effective

The hours worked by Tech Skills contract workers, are the only hours charged to you. The agreed rate is an all-inclusive and cost effective rate. There are no hidden ‘add-ons’ for Travel, Holidays, Absenteeism, etc. The rates charged will always be a competitive marketplace rate, not an inflated or long service salary rate.

Access to Skills

Because contract staff move from job to job they are exposed to different work environments and problems, which means their training and development is constantly evolving. This means our contract staff are highly skilled and always up to date with the rapid rate of change in their specialist areas.

Fast & Efficient Staffing Solution

Contract Staffing is a fast and efficient way of getting the work done –without impacting on ‘Headcount’. Our Contract Recruitment team specialise in fast start-up and wind-down to accommodate seasonal or market fluctuations and one-off or unplanned projects keeping pace with the changing needs of your business.

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