Negotiating a Payrise

If your primary motive for leaving a job is financial, there is an alternative: asking for a pay rise.

If you feel you are overworked and underpaid, or haven’t had a pay rise in quite a while, you may decide that the time has come to approach your manager with your begging bowl.

Asking for a raise is something that needs to be preceded with planning and preparation. You should put forward your proposal in writing to your manager. Your request should be backed up with valid reasons. Below please find some matters you should consider before negotiating a pay rise.

What will you do if no is the answer?

Looking at your motivation will help you find out if you’re asking for a pay rise for the right reasons. Do you genuinely deserve it? Or, is it just to make your job more bearable? If it is just to make your job more bearable, chances are you will end up leaving your job a few months of getting a pay rise.

Are you deserving of an increase in salary?

Has your role changed? Have you any extra responsibilities? Have you attained a higher level of education? Have you met goals set by your manager? How did you get on in previous performance appraisals? These are all relevant to being deserving of a higher salary.

Is your work noticed?

Do you go that extra mile so that your work is noticed? Provide examples of how you have proved your commitment to both your employer and your clients.

What are your ambitions in your current role?

Explain to your manager what your ambitions are for your role within the company. Give details about how your future in this company fits in with your over all career ambitions. This demonstrates your interest in and dedication to staying on with the company.

Name a figure

Don’t just pull a random figure of your worth out of a hat, put some research into it. Check out the CPL Salary Guide to establish what salary you should be on, use this as back up when approaching salary negotiations.

Are you ready for responsibility?

Hard work and responsibility often comes hand-in-hand with higher salaries. Be ready for an offer of a promotion in exchange for some of your demands for a higher salary. If this is something you would be interested in, feel free to suggest it as part of your proposal to show how serious you are about the company.

Be prepared for negative comments

A request for more pay will be considered with your past performance in mind. Apart from your strengths and achievements, your weaknesses and failures will come under the microscope. Be prepared for these to be discussed and see if you can turn mistakes into lessons learned and weaknesses into area you plan to build on.

Other factors to consider:

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