Interviews Overview

When it comes to finding a new job, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of job seeking is the interview process. However, preparation, being fully aware of what to expect and honing interview skills can improve candidates performance at interview.

Qualifications and experience aren't the only thing interviewers keep note of, personality and personal presentation also factor when interviewers are considering suitable candidates.

Prior to being called for interview candidates will be informed by their recruitment consultant what type of interview to expect. These can range from telephone interviews to first interviews with just one interviewer and second interviews with a panel of interviewers. Candidates can also expect to be told of the type of questioning to expect in the interview, e.g. if the questions are competency-based or behavioural.

Interview preparation

Preparation is key to being successful in an interview. No matter how impressive your CV or academic record is, how confident and friendly you think you are, you need to prepare properly to make the right impression.

The key areas in interview preparation include knowing details about the position and company; knowing your own CV inside out; doing research; practicing your interview answers; preparing how you will look on the day; getting there on time.

Take the time to read the following guides to ensure you're fully prepared for your next interview:

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