Recruitment consultants and interviews

Consultants and interviews

If a candidate is called for interview, their consultant will provide them with background information on the company to help them prepare for the interview.

As soon as possible after the interview, candidates should give their consultant feedback on how the interview went and whether they are still interested in the role. Clients often call recruitment consultants within an hour of an interview, and it can be beneficial to the candidate if their consultant is able to relay back their thoughts on the interview – positive and negative. For example, if a misunderstanding arose during the interview, a consultant should be able to remedy it through this feedback process.

If there is any positive news to report or any further information required by the recruiting organisation following an interview, a consultant will be in touch with a candidate.

Interview follow-up

Contact your recruitment consultant as soon as possible after the interview, letting them know how you got on at the interview.

Jot down some notes about the questions asked and answers you gave during the interview, and any area that the interviewer had a particular focus on. These notes are vital for preparation for a second interview.

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