During an Interview

Points to note during an interview


  • Ensure you have the correct address and directions as well as a phone number for your contact at the interviewing company.
  • Allow extra time for delays. Leave your home or office early in order to arrive at the interview location early.
  • Know the name of the person you are to ask for when you get to the interview.
  • Be polite and friendly to the receptionist and anybody else you meet in the organisation.
  • Turn off your mobile completely so that it doesn’t ring or vibrate and disturb the interview. Never answer a phone in an interview.
  • Bring a copy of your CV, your contact details, a pen and paper with you.


  • Shake hands firmly with the interviewers and refer to them by name. Practice a firm handshake in advance.
  • Listen when the interviewers introduce themselves – you will need to remember their name so you can address them by name during the interview.
  • Make eye contact and smile at all interviewers when greeting them.


  • Don’t take a seat until you are invited to.
  • Once seated, maintain good posture throughout the interview. Do not slouch.


  • Relax with some deep breaths and act naturally.
  • Be friendly, act confidently and try to be as articulate as possible.
  • If you use your hands while talking, try not to over do it, as this will distract the interviewer.
  • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer, without staring. If there is more than one interviewer, switch eye contact between all interviewers, to show you are paying attention to them.

Selling yourself

  • Focus on giving them information on your good points.
  • Demonstrate how much you know about the company.
  • Outline what, given the opportunity, you could do for the company.
  • Try to answer questions in an interesting and positive way so the interviewer will remember you. Your tone should portray your enthusiasm for the role.
  • Smile!

Interview conclusion

  • The interviewer may explain what the next step of the recruitment process is. If they don’t, make sure to ask.
  • Enquire about when you can expect to hear back from them – but be aware not to push this, as some organisations may take a while to ensure they have considered all suitable candidates.
  • At the end, don’t forget to say thanks to the interview and shake hands once again.
  • Say goodbye to anybody in the organisation you came across on the way to the interview room, especially the receptionist, as you depart the building.

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