Before an Interview

Points to note prior to an interview

  • Do your homework on the company that is interviewing you. Be up to date on the sector and competitors.
  • Compare the job specification with the details on your CV. Make note of areas where you fulfil the criteria in case you are questioned on why you are the person for the job.
  • Practice giving the answers to typical questions out loud and at an even pace. Record yourself if necessary to find out if you are speaking too fast.
  • Ask your recruitment consultant for the names and titles of your interviewer or interview panel.


While your recruitment consultant may provide you with background information on a company, it is also worth the effort to do some research about a company yourself.

One of the benefits of research is that you can make an informed decision yourself as to whether you would like working for the organisation in question. It is also vital to know a certain amount about a company in order to compose intelligent and relevant questions in an interview situation. This will also help you figure out what you can offer them so you can tailor your answers (truthfully!) to their needs.

Research tips

  • Find out what the company’s main business activities are, how many they employ and in what roles, and the company’s financial state.
  • Research the industry the company is in using directories and journals produced by associations representing that trade or industry.
  • You can find the above information online or in your local or college library through books on trade associations or by searching relevant newspapers and magazines.
  • Find out who their main competitors are.
  • See if you can find out the skills and values they admire in employees.
  • Ask your recruitment consultant for any material they have on the company as well as the company’s website address.

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