CV Writing Advice

The first step anybody looking for a new job needs to take is to get their CV in order. Tech Skills recruitment consultants recommend that candidates review the following guidelines for writing a CV before creating a new CV.

  • Ensure the information on your CV is clearly laid out. Keep the format/style consistent throughout.
  • Use a suitable font size and ensure there is enough white spacing so that it does not look too cluttered.
  • Each section should be clearly headed and generally all headings should be in bold.
  • Keep your CV informative and concise. 2 to 3 pages is usually sufficient.
  • Use bullet points – they make your CV easier to read than large paragraphs of text.
  • Check spelling and grammar for accuracy. Some mistakes may not be detected with a spell check, so get someone else to proofread your CV for you before sending it to a recruitment consultant.

Tips on what information to put in your CV

  • Include your contact details: your phone number, address and e-mail address.
  • Use a sensible e-mail address and set up a new one for job applications if your normal e-mail address isn’t suitable. Remember you want to represent yourself in the most professional way possible.
  • List each job in chronological order, beginning with your most recent position.
  • Concentrate on the details of your 2 most recent jobs (unless you were only there for a short time), as these are the ones employers are most interested in.
  • Treat internal promotion in each position as a new job and record the dates separately. List your job title and the start and finish date of each position.
  • In each role set out your main responsibilities, duties and skills that could be transferred to another employer.
  • Include your level of responsibility (if any), such as number of staff reporting to you.
  • List your 2 or 3 most important work achievements in each position.
  • Use action words to describe your responsibilities and achievements.

Before sending your CV, make sure to check out the CV checklist.

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