CV Checklist

Once your CV is completed please go through the checklist to see that you have adhered to guidelines on creating the best possible CV – in content and appearance – to showcase your work experience, career history, and achievements.

Review your CV against the following questions before submitting it for a job application


  • Is it no more than 2 pages? (Only go over 2 pages if you feel it is not detailed enough)
  • Is it on A4 paper format?
  • Are the margins, headers and footers all close to standard size?
  • Is it well typed?
  • Is a standard style used throughout the document?
  • Is the font size large enough and is there sufficient white space?


  • Are spelling, grammar and syntax correct?
  • Is it jargon free?
  • Are words used in their simplest form?
  • Is the profile clearly and succinctly stated?
  • Are contact details easy to see?
  • Is there a logical flow to the document?
  • Are job details listed in reverse order?
  • Has your CV been carefully proofread by at least 2 people?

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