Contractor Management Services

Contractor Management Services (CMS) from Tech Skills Resources is a managed solution for the changing needs of a client’s business.

Under this model, TSR becomes the primary point of contact for all on-site non-permanent staff (i.e. sub-contractors and their suppliers).

Our CMS customers tend to be mid- to large-sized organizations that rely on the availability and flexibility of specialist technical sub-contractors for the delivery of internal projects, but prefer to centralise the resourcing, administration, supply chain management and billing function to a specialist CMS partner.

Our CMS service includes sourcing, interviewing, testing, on-boarding and administration of all sub-contractors and the management of all associated and approved suppliers. We also manages the transfer of intellectual property in line with company policy, compliance and co-employment risk as well as other best practice in relation to contingent workforce management.

A creative, cost saving and flexible business solution, CMS from Tech Skills Resources provides one point of contact for all a client’s non-permanent skills requirements.

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